Predict the Oscars

And the Oscar goes to . . .

Every February, we host a contest called Predict the Oscars. The object of the contest is to select the nominee you feel will win in each of the 24 award categories. Fill out the ballot which will appear below in the weeks before the airing of the Oscars, and send it to us for a chance to win $100! You may submit as many entries as you like with a donation of $10 for each try. All entries and donations must be received by the Saturday prior to the event.

Again this year we tried to outguess the academy as to who the winners of the Oscars for 2016 would be. There were 26 ballots submitted, and the winners were a tie between two of Yvette’s family members. Cory Moore and Heather Moore. Both had 17 correct guesses (and not the same guesses). Using the tie-breaker, Cory was the winner. Interesting to note that out of the 7 highest scores, Yvette and her relatives had 6 of the highest scores. They must see a lot of movies. We appreciate their sending ballots every year, and very happy that Cory won the $100.00!! He was too shy to have his picture taken when Yvette presented him with his check.
Thanks to everyone who submitted their guesses, and “better luck next year”!


You may be the winner!

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